Badger State Limousine

Have you ever seen one of those big black stretch limousines riding down the road and think to yourself, "I wonder who or what is going on behind those dark tinted windows?" 

We are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you are interested in creating a travel account with one of our travel advisors, see the contact information below. 


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This is a story written from the front seat of a stretch limousine by a man of a wavering faith, but through it all God never let go. These are real life day to day and night to night events that developed in the back of many limousines over many years from the Famous to the infamous good times and sad.

"Home James - Confessions From A Limousine Chauffeur" will let you peek into the behind the scenes of the not-so-glamorous world of Limousines.

Badger State Limousine Service in Milwaukee

Badger State Limousine Service

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